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ECTS: credits' acquisition

PhD students are admitted to the final exam if:

  • they have achieved  180 ECTS at the end of the last year of course (see scheme below),
  • present:
    1. either an original publication as first author  relating to the doctoral project which has been already accepted on a impact factor review
    2. or two original publications one of which relating to the doctoral project research line which has been already accepted on a impact factor review  and one publication as first author  and relating to the doctoral project sent to an impact factor  review
  • carry out a period abroad at qualified international research bodies,
  • orally present a work written under first name at national and international seminars, workshops, meetings or conferences,
  • the PhD thesis must be written in English

Compulsory educational ECTS: 27 ECTS

  • 10 ECTS: teaching activities organized by the Doctoral School:

                                - 6 ECTS: elective courses among those proposed by the School (1 ECTS per half-day of course)
                                - 4 ECTS: D-Day (interdisciplinary workshop)

  • 17 ECTS: learning activities for 1st-year students organized by the PhD Program:
  • 5 ECTS: Scientific English
  • 2 ECTS: Communication and presentation of scientific data
  • 2 ECTS: Norms on animal testing and management of animal facilities
  • 2 ECTS: Scientific writing
  • 4 ECTS: Data driven research methodologies - from molecular to population level
  • 1 ECTS: Image aquisition, manipulation and final figure preparation
  • 1 ECTS: Evaluation of research and third mission

Total compulsory ECTS organized by the Doctoral School and by the PhD program: 27 ECTS

Other theorical ECTS to achieve:

  • Seminars organized by members of the Teaching Committee (1 ECTS per seminar)
  • seminars, workshops, conferences, meetings (1 ECTS each 4 hours)
  • summer/winter schools, online courses (1 ECTS each full day of attendance)
  • journal clubs, attendance of PhD students annual presentation (0,5 ECTS per event; for Journal Clubs: 1 ECTS per event for PhD students presenting; 0,5 ECTS per event for audience)
  • seminars held/organized by Tutors (1 ECTS each 2 hours)
  • attendance of Research Days organized by the Department of Veterinary Sciences  (1 ECTS each half day)

N.B.: Considered that Research Doctorates are courses of high level Education, only ECTS acquired within events specifically intended for PhD students  or possessing high technical and scientifical contents will be recognized.

Educational credits acquired at other structures: from 30 to 60 ECTS

  • At least 4 months sent abroad for a stay/stage at qualified international research structures: 40 ECT

Additional stayings:

  • stay or stage at qualified international research structures: 10 ECTS per month (max 30 ECTS)

Practical educational credits: 80  to 140 ECTS

  • Written annual report (first and second year) :  1 to 5 ECTS
  • Annual presentation  (first and second year):  5 to 20 ECTS
  • Final thesis (to be written compulsorily in English): 15 ECTS
  • Third year presentation: 5 to 30 ECTS
  • Clinical activities (certified by the tutor): up to 30 ECTS (1 ECTS each 10 hours of work)
  • Presentation to Phd Program Journal Clubs: 1 ECTS per event
  • Presentation of doctoral project results to seminars, workshops, conferences and meetings:
    • First name oral presentation (at least one): international 6 ECTS - national 3 ECTS
    • Not first name oral presentation: international 4 ECTS - national 2 ECTS
    • First name poster: international 4 ECTS, national 2 ECTS
    • Not first name poster: international 2 ECTS, national 1 ECTS
    • Oral presentations or posters (not pertinent with doctoral project): international 2 ECTS, national 1 ECTS
  • Scientific pubblications pertinent to the Doctoral research:

- ISI first name GOLD 18 ECTS
- ISI first name SILVER 12 ECTS
- ISI first name BRONZE 6 ECTS
- ISI not first name GOLD 9 ECTS
- ISI not first name SILVER 6 ECTS
- ISI not first name BRONZE 3 ECTS

    • Other scientific pubblications not pertaining the Doctoral project:
    • ISI first name: Gold 6 ECTS, Silver 3 ECTS, Bronze 2 ECTS
    • ISI not first name: Gold 4 ECTS, Silver 3 ECTS, Bronze 2 ECTS
    • International not ISI 2 ECTS
    • National not ISI in Italian 1 ECTS
      • Patents:
      • National 10 ECTS
      • International 20 ECTS

PhD students are invited to constantly update their personal page on the website by the 30th September of each year. Updating is a requirement for admission to the following year of the course or to the final exam.

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