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Admission to the PhD defense

At the end of his/her studies, each candidated must present to the Teaching Committee of the Research Doctorate his/her work in a public session of 30 minutes. Few weeks before discussiong his/her work, the candidate must send to the Secretariat or Coordinator of the Research Doctorate his/her thesis.

To admit the PhD candidate to the PhD defense, the Teaching Committe will verify the originality and value of the reasearch activity carried out during the years of the PhD, that shall be proven by a publication where the candidate is first author on an international journal with ISI impact factor. Moreover, the Teaching Committee will check the acquisition of all ECTS, and the accomplishment of the mandatory period in a foreign Reasearch Institution.

PhD defense

Within 3 months from the admission, a public session of PhD defense will scheduled by an external committee. During a presentation of 40 minutes, each cadidate shall defend his/her work and convince both the external committee and the audience of the originality and value of his/her reasearch activity.

Instructions for writing down the thesis

The frontespice must be drawn according to the  template established by University of Torino available at:

Look for "Fac-simile del frontespizio della tesi di dottorato".

The Thesis properly printed has to be drawn up using the A4 format (210 x 297 mm) , character Tahoma 11 (or Arial 11), upper, lower, and left margin 20 mm, right margin 15 mm, line spacing 1.5, justified paragraph.

If your aim is to submit a compilation thesis, please refer to the following guidelines:


A doctoral thesis that is written in the format of collection of articles is commonly called a compilation thesis (or a thesis by compilation). PhD students who wish to submit the doctoral thesis in this form must adhere to the following criteria:

  1. The articles must have been published or accepted in high-impact journals in the field (eg, journal listed in the ISI Web of Science).
  2. The articles must be consistent with the thesis project.
  3. The articles must be no less than three. The student must be first author in (at least) two of them and second or last or corresponding author in the remaining one(s).
  4. The student’s independent contribution to co-written articles must be documented.
  5. The articles must have been researched and written after the start of the PhD course.
  6. The articles are each free standing (in the sense that each can be read and understood independently) but should be on related themes.
  7. The thesis must contain, in addition to the requested articles, a comprehensive summarizing part including (at least): i) an introduction to clarify the connection among the articles, provide essential background information and literature review, present the working hypotheses or research questions, illustrate and emphasize aspects of the scientific work that can be difficult to fit into the regular article format; ii) (eventually) original unpublished results; iii) a thorough reflective discussion of the outcomes; iv) final conclusions and (eventually) implications for policy and/or further research. The summarizing part is of great importance for the committee's assessment of the thesis.
  8. The summarizing part of the thesis must be written solely by the candidate, without the extensive reproduction of extracts from the constituent articles.
  9. Appendices may be added, but these are commonly appendices to each article, rather than appendices to the thesis as a whole.
  10. The option to submit a thesis by compilation will require approval of the Steering Committee of the doctorate (“Collegio Docenti”) well in advance of the submission. Typically, students should commit to this form of submission and seek approval at 12 months from completion. Supervisors (tutors) should discuss the option early in the student’s candidature and offer practical guidance about realistic peer‐review and publication timeframes in their discipline.
  11. The articles, summarizing part of the thesis and supplementary material should be on A4 paper, bound together in a single volume.


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