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Admission to the PhD defense

At the end of his/her studies, each candidate must present to the Teaching Committee of the Research Doctorate his/her work in a public session of 30 minutes.

To admit the PhD candidate to the final evaluation , the Teaching Committee will verify the originality and value of the research activity carried out during the years of the PhD, that shall be proven by a publication where the candidate is first author on an international journal with ISI impact factor or at least co-author of a published paper about an issue linked to the project . Moreover, the Teaching Committee will check the acquisition of all ECTS, and the accomplishment of the mandatory period in a foreign Research Institution.

Once the third year is over, he/she has 6 months to prepare the thesis which will be sent to 2 international anonymous reviewers for the evaluation phase. When the two reviewers deliver the written evaluation with the consent for admission to the final commission, the candidate may request to be admitted to the final evaluation.

The final evaluation will be carried out by a commission external to the PhD teaching board within months of receipt of the evaluations of the anonymous referees.

Instructions for writing down the thesis (PDF)

The frontespice must be drawn according to the  template established by University of Torino available at:

Look for "Fac-simile del frontespizio della tesi di dottorato".

The Thesis properly printed has to be drawn up using the A4 format (210 x 297 mm) , character Tahoma 11 (or Arial 11), upper, lower, and left margin 20 mm, right margin 15 mm, line spacing 1.5, justified paragraph.

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