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Teaching Committee

Type: Teaching Committee


The PhD committee is in charge of designing and implementing the PhD program.

Specific functions:

  • Organization of the research training and teaching activities of the PhD program;
  • Organization of the procedures for admission exams, on-going monitoring examinations and final defense;
  • Definition of Phd student – tutor matching;
  • Coordination of tutors’ activities;
  • Management of agreements between Italian and foreign public and private institutions;
  • Selection of members of the Examining Board and the Examination Committee.


Students are the regularly elected representatives of each doctoral cycle

Foreign members
  • Borgarelli Michele (Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech - USA)
  • Chaillou Elodie (UMR Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour - INRAE Val de Loire, Nouzilly - France)
  • Garces-Narro Carlo (Universidad CEAU Cardinal Herrera, Valencia - Spain)
  • Oevermann Anna (Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern, Bern - Switzerland)
  • Reina Ramses (Instituto de Agrobiotecnología - CSIC-Gobierno de Navarra - Spain)
  • Ruiz Fons Francisco (Istituto Recursos Cinegeticos, Ciudad Real - Spain)

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