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Angela Del Carro

Phd thesis

Relationship between the puppy microbiome and the dam’s microbial flora and clinical implications of the isolation of resistant bacteria

Bacterial colonization of newborn puppies has been investigated in few studies.
Differently from humans, the mouth and not the birth canal is the major source of microbial
flora [Allaker et al., 1992]. After birth, puppies are immediately exposed to the dam’s microbial flora and to the local environment. Cultural exams have shown that microbial colonization depends on delivery type [Pipan et al., 2020]. Also resistant bacteria strains of maternal origin can colonize the puppies [Rota et al., 2015; Milani et al., 2015]. In
the first weeks of a life, a genomic approach found that the puppies fecal microbiota is affected by environment [Vilson et al., 2018] and breed size [Guard et al., 2017]. 

Also microbiological studies of colostrum are lacking in dogs. Dam’s milk is not sterile and bacteria are often isolated from samples of healthy lactating bitches [Schäfer-Somi et al., 2003]; colostrum and milk can be a source of bacteria transmission to puppies [Schäfer-Somi et al., 2003; Pipan et al., 2020].

Research activities


The evolution of dam-litter microbial flora from birth to 60 days of age.
Del Carro A
, Corrò M, Bertero A, Colitti B, Banchi P, Bertolotti L, Rota A.
BMC Vet Res. 2022 Mar 11;18(1):95

Does Bacteria Colonization of Canine Newborns Start in the Uterus?
Rota A, Del Carro A, Bertero A, Del Carro A, Starvaggi Cucuzza A, Banchi P, Corrò M.
Animals (Basel). 2021 May 14;11(5):1415.

Abstract accepted 

Maternal elements in meconium bacteria flora of naturally delivered puppies of two dog breeds
Angela Del Carro; M. Corrò; E. Spagnolo; E. Bertero; P. Banchi;A. P. Del Carro; A. Rota
Reprod Dom Anim 2022; 57 (Suppl. 2):15-16

Omphalocele in a newborn puppy: Treatment and post-mortem investigations
Angela Del Carro; M. Corrò; A. P. Del Carro; A. Nicoletti; A. Rota
Reprod Dom Anim 2022; 57 (Suppl. 2):15


Evssar Research Grant 2020 - "Puppy meconium microbiome in relation with vaginal and fecal dam microbiome."

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EVSSAR 23rd congress 1st-2nd October 2021

EVSSAR 24th congress - June 30th - July 1st-2nd 2022

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